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VetJobs works with our employer partners to source, screen, and move qualified talent to the desktops of the Hiring Managers. Application is a two step process, so please be patient with the team. When you submit to a position on our site your information will be screened to ensure it is a match for the requirements of the position - if there are questions on this then our team will contact you about making changes before submission. These requirements are set by the employer and they will not accept candidate submissions who do not meet the full qualifications of the position. Step 2 is submission to the Recruiter for review and then final application steps. Our team will walk you through each of these steps -- we want your application seen! Key tips for success: 1. Engage our Team! Our team members are here to assist you, so please engage and communicate with them as they are here to make sure that the information the employer needs to see is on the resume and application. Our job is to make sure you are fully qualified, that the resume and application reflect that, and that your resume is seen by the employer for consideration. You can always apply just with the employer on your own, but there is no guarantee that your application will even be looked at. 2. Do not use personal information on your resume!!! This includes your SSN or birth date - keep data shared relevant to the position you are applying. 3. Resume is needed - in 99.9% of jobs, a resume is required to submit for a position. If you do not have one then please let our Team Members know so they can help you get this done. Your job search success is important to us. Notify us if you have questions, comments, suggestions, or need additional assistance. Please let us know if you accept employment or your job search needs change.
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