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Compensation: - Yearly average total salary between $125,000 - $180,000 - Competitive commissions and regular bonuses. - Monthly override commissions based on team production and performance. - Quick promotions to Regional Management Requirements: - Minimum of 2 years: door-to-door setting, closing, and management experience. - Flexible schedule: choose your own hours up to 40 hours per week (full-time). - Reliable form of transportation. About Core Energy Solar: Core Energy Solar is the fastest growing local name in residential Solar Sales. Check us out at or on Instagram at @coreenergysolar. We live by 3 pillars: 1) Extreme Ownership: just as taught by ex-Navy SEAL Jocko Willink in his book" Extreme Ownership", there is power in being honest with yourself about your shortcomings. Own up to them, improve upon them, and be rewarded for it for the rest of your life. 2) Look to serve first: before thinking about what you'll earn, think about who (and how) you can serve. Not only will you make better connections with your clientele, but you tend to earn more as a result as well. 3) Be a go-getter: being a go-getter means doing what others won't. By facing daily rejection on the doors, you are proving that you are part of the 1% who will achieve by any means necessary. When you do this, you are automatically part of a family of go-getters here at Core that think just like you! Role Responsibilities: - Lead from the front by approaching residential homes in a door-to-door setting. The positive outcome of these interactions is a set appointment. As an appointment setter, you will work to convert as many cold leads into interested customers as possible. - Conduct daily sales Correlation meetings for your team, hold weekly boot-camps for new Appointment Setters, assign area for knocking, and provide real-time critique and training out on the doors. - In addition to your own prospecting and canvassing efforts, you will be given daily, company-generated, warm leads. It is your job to provide the prospect with both a solar proposal and a sales consultation. You will be responsible for closing a high ratio of these appointments. - Don't leave a single stone unturned: take initiative on the doors by seeking out as many opportunities to set solar appointments with qualified homeowners as possible every day.
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